The activities

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The activities of the night

I have 5 minutes

  • Like our facebook page
  • Tweet with the #JeReconnais #IRecognise to recognise someone who has taught us something or a project, an association etc…
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • Add a comment on our YouTube channel
  • Share an interesting resource
  • Request a night badge
  • Ask a question online – in the comments of the channel

I have 10 minutes

  • Answer a questionnaire (questionnaire on recognition practices) to help the European MIRVA project.
  • Provide testimony
  • Present a badge live
  • Endorse a badge on

I have 15 minutes

  • Propose a badge that will be created for you by our teams of badgemakers
  • Displaying your badge on the Open badge night map – tutorials

I have 30 minutes