Practical information

This post is also available in: Français (French)

For the audience

The conference will take place online.

Viewers can follow us on our YouTube channel, live video section.

There are some activities according to the time available for each one. The modalities of participation will be presented at the beginning of the conference.

For the speakers

We will use the system. Please equip yourself with a headset and a microphone of sufficient quality, and if possible in a quiet place.

Speakers, i.e. people who want to make a presentation or participate in a live roundtable discussion, must fill in the table (click here) indicating :

  • the desired time slot
  • the title of the presentation
  • the theme
  • the type (live, recorded or round table)
  • email address

It is the team of organizers who will confirm the time slot according to the availability.

The URL of the videoconference room will be provided to you by email.

Formats to be respected :

Live presentation of a current or upcoming project -> 15 mn (10 + 5)

Presentation preferably by means of a slide show or other presentation medium for a maximum of 10 minutes + 5 minutes for questions with the audience

  • example: territorial projects (Open Recognition Belgium / B.O.A.T / Open badges Nederland / Learning Planet…)
  • OB within an organisation
  • OB implemented within schools or higher education institutions
  • presentation of a development or technical aspect (software, protocol, platform, digital service)

Recorded presentation -> 2 to 10 mn

In the case that people are not available, a video clip/message will have to be sent to the organizers at least 3 days before –

Participation in a live round-table discussion: 30 mn

The theme and time slot of the round table are determined by the organizers according to the proposals provided by the speakers. A round table proposes to respond to an issue.

  • How can OBs be implemented in the service of commitment, employment, a more democratic society, etc.?

A facilitator manages the speaking time.

Round tables are held in English or French

Participants who have registered for the round tables will be notified by the organisers of the chosen time slots.