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Open badges and recognition: time to explore

What if the exceptional conditions we are experiencing were an opportunity to explore solutions that were unthinkable just a few months ago?

With the pandemic and its radical repercussions that affect us globally, we are seeing new awareness, new solidarity and new communities being created. Containment is pushing us all to develop new practices, new organizations, new uses right to the heart of institutions. We implicitly feel that tomorrow could be different, a transition is beginning, something different is taking shape.

Formerly confined to the field of informal learning or micro-certification, Open badges have opened up to other fields of application: community animation, empowering, fact checking, territorial development. Open recognition and one of its tools, the Open badges, allow us to experience a more grateful, creative and united world.

This second night of the Open Badge will be an opportunity to explore how this tool can be a link in the chains of solidarity and recognition that are being built today and preparing for tomorrow.

The Open Badge Night is taking place on April 3rd from 2 to 11 pm live on the YouTube channel of the Open Recognition Alliance :

  • One night to understand Open Badges and open recognition thanks to presentations and interventions from all over the world (if the Internet doesn’t let us down)
  • One night to create your first badge, to reveal your talent and experience with a team of experienced badgemakers who are mobilized all night long.
  • One night of badge dropping…
    • Love is in the badge
    • Around the world in 80 badges?
    • The badge that nobody will ever ask for
    • The badge for Quarantini fans
    • A badge just for her and me, and tomorrow…
    • One Badgic night,
    • The half-board badge with breakfast
    • The BARdge
  • A night to give meaning to one’ s recognition, to meet and exchange with experts and actors in the field.
  • A night to get started and join the open recognition and Open badges community

Themes of the night

  • commitment
  • corporate
  • training
  • communities
  • learning territories
  • youth project
  • migrations
  • digital
  • inclusion
  • science culture

Toutes les infos

Pour participer
Le programme

Le programme

de 14h à 23h

Suivez-nous tranquillement dans votre canapé ou contribuez à la nuit suivant votre temps disponible

Canal en direct

Canal en direct

Notre chaîne YouTube en live

Des animateurs et animatrices, participants internationaux, des experts, vous !

Les activités de la nuit

Les activités de la nuit

Pour les motivé.es

Les activités en 5, 10, 15 ou 30 minutes